Are You Satisfied with Your Universe? Thankfully, I am not.

Satisfaction atrophies imagination and ambition and therefore the status quo is normal and well, in my opinion, boring. Creating change creates a meaningful life. It’s in the expansion of your soul’s experience that creates JOY & BLISS. It is the thrill of doing something different to gain it all that creates the WOW. There is no martyrdom, no sacrifice, only chances, opportunities, golden moments. When was the last time you took a huge leap to create a MIRACLE in your life or the life of someone you loved?
If you haven’t, why not? Have you become just satisfied? If you are not living your life in a way you envisioned then you’re most likely causing a new set of dis-satisfactions. Remember when you were a child and your mind wandered with all the possibilities your life held? You may have wanted to be an astronaut or the President. More than likely you wanted to change the world. The particulars are just that, particulars to get you there. Somewhere along the road we become complacent and our dreams start to slowly fade. My advice? Pick something to be dissatisfied about and then change it. You can always change your why, you mind and your goals. Give gratitude to where you are then leap out of your comfort zone into the NEW. When you’re uncomfortable or jetting into the unknown then you are learning and expanding YOU.

I am satisfied with my ability to change my point of view and the way I live my life. I am satisfied with the fact that it’s not always easy. I am satisfied with the pride of accomplishment that I feel when making a difficult change. I am satisfied in the knowing that when challenged I AM A FORCE.

If anything could happen what would you like to happen? Something love-inspiring and completely unexpected. Something that I could not imagine until it became happily indispensable. Something to re-ignite my PASSION for being. Yes, please.

Anything and everything (laws of physics permitting) can be changed and is being changed every second of every day. I’m less attached to the results of change than to the process of change. Being mindful  tends to instill a certain amount of COURAGE and fortitude in tough times, knowing that as long as I put myself in the highest energies, I can reach heights even higher than my heart could ever dream. Being diligent tends to instill TRUST in knowing that the pendulum will always swing equally in the opposite direction. The SHIFT has begun and I am eternally grateful to those who are creating forward momentum along with me, and to those who held me close during the darkest of times.

Happiness, like change, is a choice…an AWE-INSPIRING CHOICE. LIVE IT…BE IT, and above all, DO IT with love and in heartfelt GRATITUDE. A new horizon awaits you. The first step is to contact me. What I have to share doesn’t cost a dime and could change your life forever. Never settle, always move toward change.