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Are You Satisfied with Your Universe? Thankfully, I am not.

Satisfaction atrophies imagination and ambition and therefore the status quo is normal and well, in my opinion, boring. Creating change creates a meaningful life. It’s in the expansion of your soul’s experience that creates JOY & BLISS. It is the thrill of doing something different to gain it all that creates the WOW. There is no martyrdom, no sacrifice, only chances, opportunities, golden moments. When was the last time you took a huge leap to create a MIRACLE in your life or the life of someone you loved?
If you haven’t, why not? Have you become just satisfied? If you are not living your life in a way you envisioned then you’re most likely causing a new set of dis-satisfactions. Remember when you were a child and your mind wandered with all the possibilities your life held? You may have wanted to be an astronaut or the President. More than likely you wanted to change the world. The particulars are just that, particulars to get you there. Somewhere along the road we become complacent and our dreams start to slowly fade. My advice? Pick something to be dissatisfied about and then change it. You can always change your why, you mind and your goals. Give gratitude to where you are then leap out of your comfort zone into the NEW. When you’re uncomfortable or jetting into the unknown then you are learning and expanding YOU.

I am satisfied with my ability to change my point of view and the way I live my life. I am satisfied with the fact that it’s not always easy. I am satisfied with the pride of accomplishment that I feel when making a difficult change. I am satisfied in the knowing that when challenged I AM A FORCE.

If anything could happen what would you like to happen? Something love-inspiring and completely unexpected. Something that I could not imagine until it became happily indispensable. Something to re-ignite my PASSION for being. Yes, please.

Anything and everything (laws of physics permitting) can be changed and is being changed every second of every day. I’m less attached to the results of change than to the process of change. Being mindful  tends to instill a certain amount of COURAGE and fortitude in tough times, knowing that as long as I put myself in the highest energies, I can reach heights even higher than my heart could ever dream. Being diligent tends to instill TRUST in knowing that the pendulum will always swing equally in the opposite direction. The SHIFT has begun and I am eternally grateful to those who are creating forward momentum along with me, and to those who held me close during the darkest of times.

Happiness, like change, is a choice…an AWE-INSPIRING CHOICE. LIVE IT…BE IT, and above all, DO IT with love and in heartfelt GRATITUDE. A new horizon awaits you. The first step is to contact me. What I have to share doesn’t cost a dime and could change your life forever. Never settle, always move toward change.

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How to Build a Large Team with 15 People.

Recently I hit a major milestone with my Rodan + Fields business…1000+ members on my team. To say it is super exciting and rewarding to me is an understatement. But don’t misunderstand, just because I have 1000 awesome people on my team doesn’t mean I deserve the credit. That’s the beauty of the Rodan + Fields business model. I shared this opportunity with a very few people (less than 20) but as I did something magical happened. They shared it with a few and that few shares it and so on. Now just three years later my little side gig is a thriving team has over 1000 entrepreneurs who are building their dreams of a better life. I am so thankful for each and every one who stepped outside their comfort zone and worked up enough faith to believe in themselves and do it. It is paying off in a very big way for all of us. After all, isn’t that what a team is? A collaborative effort with the sum of its parts equaling the whole? The great part is this company and its opportunity has just begun. We have so far to go. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the United States, we just launched in Canada with every country in the world to follow suit. The road ahead is extremely promising.

There are tons of benefits to Network Marketing that have driven so many of us to choose this road less traveled. When sharing these benefits, it’s important for you to understand how powerful it is to have access to these benefits and start sharing them with others that you seek to recruit into your business.

  • Being plugged into a community of like-minded individuals – by being in a network marketing company and hopefully you’re a part of a very active team of leaders, you have the opportunity to connect with that community of inspiring and motivational people who will push you to grow more as a person, and desire more out of life.
  • Having access to mentors and leaders who push you to grow – Accountability is essential for all of us to get out of our personal limitations and seek to push ourselves harder than we ever thought we could. When you have a mentor that sees your potential, you’re ability to excel will be ten times faster than if you tried to keep yourself motivated on your own. It’s just like having a coach or personal trainer who challenges you physically to reach your goals versus trying to convince yourself to work out alone. If you know someone is EXPECTING you to show up, you’re fear of disappointing them will overpower your feelings of not wanting to do something that day.
  • Personal Development Coaching – Network companies are probably one of the biggest and best industries that promote personal development. I’ve never been to a company meeting or convention where they weren’t sharing some type of book, cd or personal development training program that would help you to develop better skills and confidence in your business. It’s an ongoing effort and so enriching.
  • Recognition and Awards – Who doesn’t want to be recognized? We all want someone to acknowledge our accomplishments. The benefits of being in our company, while reaching certain milestones in your Network career is that you will get recognized by your team and company and you’ll get that much needed pat on the back that you didn’t even realize you needed!
  • Team Building & Leadership Growth – The ability to grow and lead a team can be personally rewarding. Having the opportunity to tap into the potential of others while you help bring out the best in them really does benefit you in ways that will take you to higher heights in your future. It also forces you to think like a leader, which will separate you from the mediocre population which consists of nearly 97% of people in the world today. When you become a leader, you transcend into the elite population of people who carry the titles of  Creator, Leader and Influential. People will respect you more and your posture will be poised more than ever.
  • Residual Income – hmm, funny that you may have expected money to be at the top of the list but, honestly it’s just a byproduct to all of the other powerful benefits above. Residual Income however is what we all dream of. To no longer have to exchange time for dollars but to instead be able to work hard for a few years and reap the benefits for years to come is exciting. Get over your fears and shoot for the numbers and growth so you can make the big bucks! Remember it just takes a few who knows a few!
  • Instant Income / Make Money Now – There are 2 ways to make money in Rodan + Fields, Retailing and Recruiting. When retailing products, you have the opportunity to make money right now when you sell the products. You can also increase your income pretty rapidly when you focus on sharing the unique business opportunity. Where some things may take a little longer sharing the business and growing your team, implementing some marketing to build your business can help you get that right now money. 
  • Far too many people want to focus solely on the money and overlook all the other benefits that actually give people the desire to stay in the industry. If you can change your focus and consider how powerful Network Marketing companies are and all the emotional and personal support that it can give others, then you’ll become a champ when it comes to recruiting and your online influence will be that much more powerful!!

The bottom line is Network Marketing allows you to live life to your fullest potential. Everyone has different reasons on why they begin. You may just want to make great relationships while earning a mortgage payment. Or some might want retirement income or replacement income from their current job. This is your ahhhh ha moment. There is nothing I would like more than to show you how to take 5-10 hours a week and build something extraordinary. And I can tell you this to be true, there isn’t a better company that is racing into its momentum phase to be a part of. It’s what dreams are made of. You can be a part of the team, the family. Be appreciated and experience what true freedom feels like. We can do it together.

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Make Insane Money. Are You Up for The Challenge?

You know you need to do something different. You have dreams, aspirations, and a real desire for positive change. You also know deep down in your heart that it’s probably not going to happen at your 8-5 job. The sad truth is that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how loyal you are or the level of education you possess. There are always glass ceilings that prevent most of us from enjoying that corner suite with the big paycheck.

So what do we do? How do we break the chains of mediocrity? Is there really a better way that you can take charge and be the true master of your destiny?

The answer is un-equivalently YES! It just takes a little guidance and I am here to show you the way. You see, I was in your shoes. Growing up we were quite strapped and very few times do I remember having even the smallest of luxuries. In fact we were doing good to eat and pay rent. As an adult my childhood has motivated me to want better for my family and to do something about it. It has been a driving force in my life but I will admit I got lucky as well. The great news is that luck is ready to be handed to you. Okay, it’s really not luck, it’s being introduced to a life changing opportunity. One that can transform you out of the shackles of financial insecurity to building a financial safety net. Or as St. Patrick says the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

So how did I build this multi six figure income? I set goals and I do what it takes to accomplish those goals.

One of my goals for my network marketing business is to recruit a minimum of 2 new business partners per month! How will I get there? There’s no secret to success in network marketing- when you want your team volume & title to grow, you have to go into a 90 day recruiting blitz! New people bring new activity and growth. The beautiful part is my business Rodan + Fields is an equal opportunity opportunity and is rapidly changing people’s lives for the better. I can really feel good about this.

I can’t just say “I want to recruit 2 people this month”, and wait for it to happen (similarly, I can’t just say “I want to lose ten pounds” without tracking my water intake, calories, and exercise!) So I set out and track my daily activity goals for the next 30 days and do it every month afterwards.

My goal is to talk to 2 NEW people on my list or when I’m out every day (not calling back the same two people, but calling 2 new people that I’ve never spoken to before, in addition to following up with others). Why?

Here is a great breakdown:

Imagine if you invited just 2 NEW people per day to hear more about your business. If you did that you would have generated 14 invites per week –on a low average, this would lead to 3 who agree to join you on a 3 way call, to coffee, or to join you at a meeting or event.

On average, one out of those three will usually enroll to build. If you did this each week, this would lead you to 4 new partners per month–and about 50 per year, and 100 over the next 2 years.

On average if you enrolled 100 over the next 2-3 years, in 4-5 years you could likely generate a multi-million dollar organization with a potential 6-figure + income (based on industry averages). This would be about a $2,000,000 asset. (These averages can be true when you pick any legitimate company, with an average product).

Over the course of a three years, I followed this pattern, and now I earn a high six-figure income. (Your results may vary depending on your progress, pace, and the progress and pace of those who join you too!) The best part? It is still growing every day. It’s the power of duplication. What I did over the past three years has taken flight. Now it runs without me and I can concentrate on helping others achieve the same.

I want to challenge YOU to consider making a change and joining me in business. I can show you how to invite 2 new people each day to take a look at what you do! Now you’re thinking “okay, so who do I talk to and what do I say?” Right?

If I told you that you’d get paid $500/invite, you’d find a way to invite 2 per day (with or without training on how to do it)–and you wouldn’t care how you got them, who it was, and you probably wouldn’t worry about what to say–you would find a way! Right?

The question is never “where” to find people (we are surrounded by people) the questions is if you are “willing” to talk to them, and invite them to learn more about your business…EVERY DAY!

If you consider the potential of growing your business to a $2 million asset –then  your 1,400 invitations (2 a day for 2 years) would each be worth $1,400 a piece (much more than $500!)  There’s great value in every invitation you make!

So it’s time to get into massive action–reach out to me and look at doing something different. I will teach you the business and how to invite 2 NEW people each day (get out and go where the people are- reach out to your list- reach out to people on Facebook- pass out samples and cards) and invite, invite, invite!

I’m taking the challenge– and am focusing on doubling my business over the next 2 years (inviting 2 new people per day to learn more via call, coffee, meeting or event; and  in turn, recruiting 100 new distributors over the next 2 years!) Anyone else want to join me?

If so, join my 30 day challenge contact me and let’s get you started. If you do, you won’t recognize your life in a short period of time.


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Get a Life. One You Deserve.

The alarm rings and you hop out of bed. Another day is off and running. A quick shower. Wake the kids and
rush them through breakfast so they won’t be late for school. Down a cup of coffee. Shovel down a bowl of cornflakes. Hurry out to the car, not forgetting a swift kiss on your partner’s cheek. Hightail it to the freeway, making a mental note to grab some takeout pizza on the way home. (The kids’ soccer practice starts at 6:15 sharp.) Weave back and forth looking for the fastest lane while the radio deejay barks out the minutes — 8:33, 8:41, quarter to. Reaching work, you sprint into the building and leap up the stairs three at a time, arriving
at your desk with seconds to spare. You take a couple of deep breaths, then remember that the project you didn’t finish last night must be sent to New York by 10:00am. Meanwhile, you’ve got five voice-mail messages and dozens more on e-mail, six of them marked urgent.

Do you ever feel like your life has turned into a grueling race toward a finish line you’ll never reach? No matter
how fast you go, no matter how many comforts you forgo in order to quicken your pace, there never seems to be enough time. So what do you do? You rev up the speed, of course, that’s the answer to our busy lives, right? The thought process is if we’re swamped by the accelerating pace we get a computer that’s faster. Life spinning out of control then we learn to read and write faster. No time to enjoy life? We purchase products that promise to help to make meals quicker, exercise faster and run errands faster.

Yet it seems that the faster we go, the farther we fall behind. Not only in the literal sense of not getting done what
we set out to do, but at a deeper level too. Like many Americans, I’ve always moved at a fast clip. I can’t stand small talk, waiting in line or wasting copious amounts of time. It has always seemed obvious to me that the faster I move, the more things I can do and the more fun and meaning my life will have. But it had gotten to the point where my days, crammed with all sorts of activities, feel like an Olympic endurance event: the everyday-athon. As I race through meals, work, family time, social encounters and the physical landscape on my way to my
next appointment, I’m began to wonder what I was missing, what pleasures I’ve been in too much of a hurry to
appreciate or even notice. I was consumed with a non- balanced approach to life.

According to Harvard economist Juliet Schor, author of the best-seller The Overworked American, Schor says her research shows that “millions of Americans are beginning to live a different kind of life, where they are trading money for time. People want to slow down because they feel that their lives are spinning out of control, which is ironic because speed has always been promoted as way to help us achieve mastery over the world. “The major cause in the speed-up of life is not technology, but economics,” says Schor. “The nature of work has changed now that bosses are demanding longer hours of work.” After a long workweek, the rest of our life becomes a rat race, during which we have little choice but to hurry from activity to activity, with one eye always on the clock. Home-cooked meals give way to frozen pizzas, and Sundays turn into a hectic whirlwind of errands.

The whole trading money for time is a noble concept but what I propose is a solution where you no longer have to trade one for the other. My company, Rodan+Fields has started a new social movement to improve the quality of life and defend a movement of people who are willing to adapt to a new way of thinking. A balanced life, with intervals of creative frenzy giving way to relaxed tranquility. You can regain the joy of living by designing your own life.

So the million dollar question is HOW?

What if I told you that you could partner with the two doctors who created Proactive Solution, the world’s number one acne treatment in their new legacy company that will dominate the anti-aging $500 billion skincare industry? Then what if I told you that you only need 10 hours a week, you work it on your schedule, there is no selling involved and you can retire with royalty income in as little as 6 months? Would that be something you’d be interested in? I would like to introduce you to Rodan+Fields.

Rodan + Fields® is an ECOMMERCE skincare company founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution specializing in marketing clinically-proven skincare products with a unique business model that empowers people to become their own bosses and potentially earn substantial incomes with their growing organizations. With triple digit growth in revenues and consultants, groundbreaking product introductions and industry recognition, Rodan + Fields is already the 4th largest premium skincare company in the world and we have barely scratched the surface of the US with global expansion on the horizon. We are looking for those who will lead in the evolution of the Rodan + Fields brand, by helping us build an infrastructure for what’s happening now and the explosive growth of the future. You will be building a sustainable business that will be here 100 years from now. For those efforts you will be paid a residual income that is multi -generational…meaning your loved ones will continue with your royalty income forever.

Harvard calls us “A once in a lifetime opportunity.” I hope you won’t close your mind before you know the facts and what’s at stake. You can leave a world of constant pressure and unfinished business and live life on your terms, financially free. I started working with Rodan + Fields three years ago. I am now a high 6 figure earner and it grows substantially every month. Let me get you out of the sink hole of corporate America. I am looking for those with drive, vision and a make it happen attitude. If you have that, we’ll supply the rest.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your life then contact me. I’ll share in more detail how you might fit in. We have just announced an initiative where you can profitable in a major way immediately. You can OWN a piece of this billion dollar pie. The decision is yours to stay in the same place you’re in now or do something positive and get yourself out of it. Connect with me on Facebook or at Change your thoughts. Change your mind. It’s time to get a life.


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Start Living Now! Time Waits for No One.

Each day is a gift that you have 100% freedom over. Only you control what you do with that 24 hours. Let that sink in. You have control. Too many times we let that negative voice inside our heads have the control, all you have to do is say out loud STOP! I want my life back. I want to live, love and experience life on a different level. In order to move forward ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want more success? Do you want to live a better quality of life? Would you rather be living your dreams instead of chasing your dreams? Do you want a life full of fulfillment and joy?

What are you waiting for to start living your dreams?

If you’re anything like me when I asked myself these questions I found all kinds of excuses coming to the top. “I’m too busy right now, but in the next few months I’ll have more time.” Or “I don’t think I can do it.” “I don’t know anyone who will help me.” “Where do I even start?”

It’s normal to question yourself. But don’t let fear stand in the way. Don’t let fear trample your dreams.

Your life is waiting for you. Your dreams are waiting for you. Your fulfillment is waiting for you. All you have to do is say yes.

Time is not going to stop. Each day you trade in a small chunk of your life and the real question is, what did you trade it for? Are you in a better place than you were yesterday?

And why didn’t you take that leap? Why didn’t you take that risk? It’s been calling your name, tugging at your heart strings, begging for you to take notice.

We’re you afraid? What were you afraid of?

Do you think that what anyone else thinks about what you do today holds any weight on how you choose to live tomorrow?

Your life is passing by whether you like it or not so don’t waste another minute of it.

If you want more, GO GET IT!

The only thing that ever stands in your way is the story in your head about why you can’t or shouldn’t have everything you want, both of which are stories that you have the pen and paper to re-write anytime you want.

Take action on living your dreams now so you don’t wake one day and realized that you’re at the end and time has run out! Be inspired today! Believe in yourself today! Be your best today! Start living your dreams TODAY!

If financial and time freedom is what you’re searching for then I may have the answer for you. I opened my heart and mind to a new opportunity and in a short time I am experiencing the sweet taste of freedom. I live life on my terms. I do what I want and the best part is I help others realize their dreams. All it takes to start is one step. That step is to contact me and let me share with you how different your life can be a year down the road. If you’re willing to listen, I’m willing to share and mentor. Don’t put your dreams off for another minute. LIVE NOW!

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The Wall

We’ve all heard of it, haven’t we? The Wall. It’s what marathon runners call that point during a race at which your body decides it has had enough and can’t go any further. It is convinced that it is wholly exhausted and has nothing left to give, but the runner’s mind knows that that feeling is an illusion.

Failure comes with giving into that feeling. If you stop running it’s over. The race is lost. But marathon runners will tell you that although winning is nice finishing is what’s really important.

There are probably a lot of parallels to the runner’s experience with The Wall in other aspects of life. One compared is the context of running a network marketing business. Because most network marketers – perhaps all of us small business owners – eventually face a moment, early in the life of our businesses, at which we find ourselves hitting The Wall. Our task at that point is to figure out how to deal with it.

You see, what usually happens is this. You make your decision to start your business, after doing a certain amount of research and preparation. Something you have to learn during the early days is that you cannot realistically expect everyone to understand your vision. The naysayers jump out of the wood work. The dream stealers are in full force. Or it may be you experienced great success in the beginning only to find yourself digressing a few months in. Poof, motivation seems non-existent and that in turn causes a ripple effect. One that can destroy your business if you let it. The Wall then almost becomes a crutch, an excuse, a way to not take responsibility. After all, it couldn’t be my fault! The Wall is to blame.

That’s what happened to me about 2 ½ years in to my business. You see, even though I knew that Rodan+Fields business model is a three to five year plan, there was a point at somewhere around my two-and-a-half year mark that I felt exactly like that marathon runner’s wall. Now don’t get me wrong, my business has afforded me to retire from my 9-5 job, I go on all expense paid luxury trips and I even drive a new free Lexus but I am a competitive person and constantly looking for ways to improve and move forward. Staying in the same place is not in my DNA. I am running and I don’t want to slow down.

I spent those last two and a half years building a team of savvy entrepreneurs and a strong customer base and doing quite well. I network and make contacts, just like you’re supposed to. I read everything I could get my hands on that teaches me more about being the best version of myself. I am active within my native business communities, both virtual and actual. And, of course, it seems as if I’m spending almost every waking minute of my life thinking about my business and if I am not working I am helping my team develop theirs.

I felt as if I was standing at the top of the hill, longing to roll that snowball down, knowing that it will grow and grow as it goes. But for some reason I felt as if my hands were tied behind my back. The knot is loose — that’s the good news — and I’m working frantically to get my hands free so that I can tip that snowball over the edge.

I felt so close I could taste it. It seemed as if I’d been at “almost there” land for an extended vacation with frustration eating away at me. I’ve never once doubted this business and what it offered so why was I at such a standstill?

This is where perseverance comes into play. It may sound like a cliché but it is so very true. The best part about surviving The Wall is that, like the marathon runner, once you get past that point it seems as if you could run forever. In fact, if you can just get over that hump, you’ll probably discover that you were right. In my experience I was really that close. After a few months and I was back in the race, changing skin and changing lives….helping others while building a tremendous future. Now I can look back and be proud and thankful that I didn’t quit, that I kept going.

Understand that in network marketing there are ups and downs but you control the tempo. Your mindset and actions determine your success outcome. There isn’t a “suit” in the corner office dictating your life. As network marketers we are in control. Push through, keep running and soon you are finishing the race and what do you know….at record time! I’m thankful for The Wall. It taught me valuable lessons and now 2015 is going to be an exhilarating year!

If I can help you on your marathon and how to push through The Wall contact me. After all it’s not about the destination but rather about the journey.

Financial and time freedom awaits you just over The Wall and I’ve got your rock climbing gear ready. Let’s conquer! – MG





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Timing is Everything!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Timing is everything?” I think we all have. But have you ever been so fortunate to actually be in the right place at the right time to take complete advantage of a life changing opportunity?

I am number 7 from the VERY FIRST Rodan + Fields consultant Sarah Robbins, just 7 down from the two brilliant doctors themselves who created this company! Four of the eight are now millionaires from their little R+F part time gig. Most of these women, including myself have retired from their regular jobs, earned a free Lexus and are now creating the time freedom and financial freedom that many dream of!

So how did these ladies do it? They heard about an opportunity and jumped in. They dedicated a few hours a week following an award winning business model and took advantage of the timing of the company! We are full throttle into our momentum which means you could be #8 on this list and build an incredible future for yourself. We are just getting started. You’ll be given all the tools needed for success and be mentored by these incredible leaders so you can experience the pure joy of freedom that we have found.

Start 2015 by joining me on this amazing journey with Rodan + Fields! I am ready to place your picture in the slot as our partner! IMG_8451

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Happy 3 Year Rodanniversary!

January 1st, 2012 I made a decision to step outside my comfort zone and make a positive change towards my future. I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same things I’d always done and expect a different outcome. It was time for me to take a leap of faith. That day and every day since I’ve had a mission. A mission to find people that were hungry for change just as I and build something extraordinary together. I cannot believe three years have already gone by since I started my journey with Rodan + Fields. I must say that I could not be prouder of all the accomplishments it has afforded me and my aspiring team. This past year I’ve seen several of my business partners reach levels of success they only dreamed of. In fact three of my team received the honor of being a Lexus Car Achiever and received their new, shiny Lexus car for their efforts and success in their businesses. Our momentum is igniting and the best part is we’re just beginning. For the entrepreneurial minded we are a dream team, a name, a brand, an identity. Our mission of changing skin and changing lives has become part of who I am and what I stand for.
I often wonder if Drs. Rodan and Fields ever really knew that they would be such a primary force of a global skincare revolution when they created Proactiv Solution twenty years ago? My answer is YES! They never doubted that they were meant to change the way we think about treating acne. Today their new company holds even more promise as it addresses aging, sensitive skin, dull skin and acne (90% of the world’s skin problems). The business model they have chosen will prove bigger, better and touch even more lives. The key to their business ideology is what I have always thought as important — giving people the power to share and stay connected, empowering people to build their own future themselves on their terms. While some doubted that building a business through connecting was actually viable, we are building. While others are doubting that this would be sustainable business model, we are experiencing triple digit growth increases and that translates into big business. Simply put, we are a community of business owners that care more about using the power of connectivity and word of mouth referrals than anyone else. That won’t change.
Today, one-third of the world’s population has access to the internet. In the next decade, we will have the opportunity to connect the other two-thirds. Building a business through the internet and social networks is the wave of the future and I can tell you first hand it gives you the power of reaching the world with a click of a mouse. There are no limits. I have shared moments, experiences, answered questions and it has enabled me to reach you and communicate opportunities that can change your life.
I have spent the last few months pouring my heart into this new business and I truly want my readers to understand that Rodan + Fields is all about giving back to the community and their consultants. Last month we raised over $30,000 for buildOn, Inc., to build a school for students in need. This month we have partnered with ModaVive to do a dress drive where 60% of the proceeds will be donated to the Prescription for Change Foundation and another 10% are donated to the buyer’s choice. Being part of a company that cares so much about giving back to others is why I work as hard as I do. I am having so much fun helping others realize their potential. By changing people’s skin, we are indirectly changing their lives. Click here for some incredible success stories!
So three years in and so much progress! I see the next three years building on the first three. So many exciting things on the horizon. We are launching on January 5, 2015 a “game changing” product…Redefine Acute Care, the first alternative to Botox that is non-invasive way to fill a wrinkle. The buzz alone around this product indicates a huge leap in our business. 
I feel a deep responsibility to make the most of my time here and serve you the best I can. My business has circled around from just being about what I want to helping others find theirs. I’m looking for 2-3 smart, courageous people to join me as business partners in January. The selected few will be put in a specialized training group that will offer support from the top 4 leaders of the company. You will be personally mentored by me and given every tool needed for complete success. If you have 10 hours a week to dedicate to building an extraordinary future, have a determined attitude and are hungry for change then you may be the person I am looking for. Email me at to explore the opportunity and see if it is a fit for you.
Also connect with me on Facebook at Michelle Grawer, Entrepreneur
and Twitter @michellegrawer.
Although no one can go back in time and make a complete brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  

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We Interupt Your Daily Grind to Bring Your Future Dreams

Following our dreams keeps our souls alive. It’s our very essence of life that instills hope. But sometimes it can be such a cliché’.

Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!” But not everyone does it. Life interjects, bills pile up, and sometimes we feel as if change is impossible because of past or current circumstances. However, there are a number of reasons to follow your dreams, to break the trend, and to live the life you’ve always wanted. Here are some great tips and what true dream seekers do:

1. They make life worth living.

Your dreams are what can get you through even the worst days. If you are struggling, your dreams are your reason to keep going. They are why you wake up in the morning and try again. They are what makes your entire life worth living. Without our dreams, we are nothing.

2. Associate with other dream seekers.

When you are motivated and excited about pursuing your dreams, you’ll attract other people who have the same values and interests. The more you surround yourself with high achievers, the further you’ll go. Then, when times get tough, and it’s hard to keep going, your friends will motivate you to continue achieving. For me personally, I’ve had to let go my feelings of disappointment and frustration when my friends just didn’t seem to “get me” or the dream I am chasing. It’s near impossible for someone to support you and what you want to accomplish if they are not doing it themselves. Let those people go and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

3. You can be an inspiration to others.

If you decide to go and follow your dreams, you will give hope to others who want to do the same. You can serve as their example and their reason why they should give it a try. You can help them, coach them, and encourage them to keep going.

4. You can provide for your family.

When you are this motivated, it’s very hard to fail. If you are very set on your dreams, and you make sure that you can make an income along the way, you’ll be able to provide for your family. Some dreams take longer than others to achieve, but that’s what makes the end goal so worth it.

5. Working in a job you hate makes the days go slowly.

Why should you work in a job you’re not passionate about? You’ll count the clock, you won’t do as well, and you’ll dread waking up in the morning. Instead, pursue your dreams! Get excited about your day, and enjoy the process of doing what you love.

6. Because no one is going to follow them for you.

Let’s face it: no one else is going to pursue your dreams for you. Everyone has their own dreams and their own goals for what they want to achieve in life. If you don’t go for it, no one else will.

7. So that you can finally be happy.

Life without dreams is like a garden without flowers. Search far and wide for yours, and make a promise to yourself that you will start pursuing them. Once you get on the path towards your goal, you will notice a distinct change in how you feel.

8. To prove them wrong.

All of us have been around people who told us our dreams weren’t possible. Let that add fuel to your fire. Think about all the people who said it would never happen, and go out and prove them wrong.

9. It will make YOU proud.

It’s a meaning to life, an accomplishment you won and best of all you will be proud of yourself! Your confidence will rise, and you’ll enjoy the excitement and the adrenaline that comes with doing something you’ve always wanted to do.

10. You only live once.

Life is short. So why spend them doing something we don’t love? It’s time to make a decision to go for it and live life to the fullest. We all deserve that! So ask yourself this question…Am I satisfied with the contentment of mediocrity? Or are you ready to step up, take a deep breath and go for the gusto? Never give up on what’s important…don’t worry about the time it takes to reach your goal. Time passes and each day you become a better version of yourself.

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