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Create your own yellow brick road

Michelle has always been the type of person that would put a big goal out into the universe, claim it out loud and achieve it, rather than claiming it out loud only when achieved. It does us no good in life to play small, so why not play big?

“I have been in my business now for five years. There is the path to the top of my company called the Road to RFX. It reminds me of the yellow brick road in the movie “Wizard of Oz.” The road full of surprises, self-growth, meeting friends along the way and figuring out the way to your ultimate destination point,” Michelle Grawer shared.

“The first big milestone in our company is earning a Lexus. I achieved the first of the three-month qualification period in my first 10 months. Before I actually made it, I claimed it out loud to everyone. I went to the dealership a few months before and picked out the one I wanted and took it for a test drive. At that time this dealership hadn’t heard of our company, but I told them that I along with many others would be walking in the doors for their Lexus soon. They have now witnessed close to or over 20 consultants come through their doors and many more to follow. You see, I put it out there so I and others could achieve it,” she continued.
“After I earned my Lexus and was continuing to grow and expand in my business, I needed to move out the small desk area in our laundry room. My husband works out of the home and I politely asked him if he would mind letting me take his office area so I could create a professional work area. I needed a bigger desk, drawer space, walls to share pictures of achievements and product display. I needed to feel inspired and inspire team members that want to follow in my steps. I achieved a few more levels soon after.”

In November she finished out the month hitting the final destination point on the Road to RFX. She decided to expand into one of the nicest vehicles on the Lexus lot as a reward for hard work and discipline. It was a stretch to do this because she and her husband come from a humble backgrounds. But this is something that she saw as an expansion. It’s a rolling trophy that her team earned and when they go on “fun” road trips for work, it will inspire them to promote.

“The point of sharing my story is to tell you to speak your goals into fruition. You can’t grow if you don’t state your goals out loud and to others. You can’t grow if your environment isn’t moving with you. You will be playing small if you don’t set yourself up for the next level.”

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You can’t take it with you

In 2015, we chose to make Christmas more about creating memories, rather than about exchanging gifts like we normally do. We usually decorate the house with the biggest Christmas tree and make sure everything looks beautiful on the inside and out. I normally ask the kids what they want for the year and feel it’s important to make them happy, but something inside makes me feel that the magic of Christmas seems to get lost.

Last year we decided to start a new tradition. I purchased a Christmas tree that was much smaller, put two wreaths out on the doors and decorated minimally. It was great to not stress about all the Christmas preparations. I told the boys to share with me a few things they wanted and sent it to my sister-n-laws house in Seattle.

We took the flight out to Seattle on Christmas Eve and stayed with my husband’s sister and her family. When we arrived, we rented a vehicle and drove to their house. Once we got settled in and got a tour of their house, and met their two beautiful Alaskan dogs and completely being in awe over their boating equipment and snow skiing gear in the garage, we left to tour the city. After two days of experiencing the fishing life, visiting the first Starbucks at the famous Pike’s Place Market and seeing the importance of the ferry system, we were ready for our adventure. On Christmas morning we exchanged gifts, packed up and drove the scenic route to Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The mountains, the ocean and sailboats we saw were just beautiful. It was an enriching experience to visit a new country, for my children to see their cousins in their environment and driving the countryside on Christmas was magical. Our boys had never been skiing before, so skiing in Whistler will be hard to top.

The first day they went to ski school and learned quickly (like kids do). They were ready to be on their own the next day. I unfortunately got reminded how bad my knees really were and decided that a knee replacement isn’t a necessary surgery I want right now. I chose to take advantage of the weight room, massage area, shopping and being mom to my family as they came off the mountain to warm their hands or ask for hot chocolate. We spent three days in Whistler. My boys had their ski clothing spread all around our hotel room and before it was light outside were jumping out of bed to put it all back on. This was a trip that was perfect for three busy boys and an active husband.

Our sons tell us often it was the best thing we have ever done as a family and have asked to go back several times. They are growing up so fast, and I know that it will be more important for us to invest in trips and experiences rather than material possessions. My oldest will be leaving in three years for college, so it is important that we create these memories with the five of us.

Holidays can be stressful. We end up just racing around to buy gifts and decorate our house and front yard. Most of the time we skip over Thanksgiving in the mad rush of being ready for Christmas. I want to keep reminding myself that the holidays are really about spending time with loved ones. These are the memories that will last! It’s fun to flip through photo books and re-live great times together. Happy Holidays!

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Don’t Sit Back and Be Average

”I woke up this morning and realized I don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average.”

This quote popped up in my Facebook news feed, and I think it should be everyone’s motto. Maybe you feel like you have been dealt a bad hand. Maybe your upbringing wasn’t the greatest, maybe you aren’t where you thought you would be at this point in your life, but we all have what it takes to rise above our setbacks and be more than just average.

I had a chance talk to a group of 20 teenage girls who were trying to get their GED through the Arkansas Youth Challenge Program. These dropouts were learning life skills and discipline to succeed. I shared with them my struggles growing up with a single mom, moving often and how I settled for being less than average by not always having the best grades. I told them that I didn’t always make the best choices. A prime example is the fact that I moved out of the house when I was just 17. I shared with them that as my entrepreneur path started to take place, I finally realized how much strength I got from those experiences that I used to be embarrassed about.

I tried to make myself more than average. When I was younger it was about sports, but now it’s about success in life. It’s about being an entrepreneur and educating people about the possibilities that are available if you allow yourself to be tapped in. The physical, mental and spiritual components all have to be in sync.

This was my first time to speak in front of teenage girls. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know what to say, but I found it was natural to talk with them. I shared with them these stories of overcoming and how I was able to build my business across the United States and Canada in less than five years. The girls then told me their stories and they were excited to share about their lives and struggles but also about how they have overcome many obstacles as well.

Honestly, I was searching for these young ladies. I got as much from them as they did me. At the end of our meeting, I told them to not settle for less than their best. I challenged them to not be just normal, doing the minimal to get by. I believe this is something everyone needs to hear and it is something I strive for every day. I feel the cross we bear in life directs us on how we can positively impact the future.

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My story

I often get asked how I got started with Rodan and Fields and why I would leave my personal training business for a skin care company. Here is my story, quick and simple. Anyone who is interested in learning more can e-mail me at

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My Freckles

Have you seen this new trend called faux freckles? Makeup artists are now actually painting on freckles for their runway looks. Definitely not a trend for me. Don’t get me wrong, a few freckles are cute, but I had it to the extreme. I have actually been spending most of my life trying to get rid of those spots on my face.

michelle-grawer-young-girlWhen I was 7 or 8 years old I lived close to the beach. We always were by the water and, of course, I didn’t use sunblock. I remember my nose was always peeling from being sunburned. Eventually my nose just became one dark spot that stood out.

By the time I was in junior high my face was covered in freckles. I moved a lot and once I got to a new school the bullies loved to pick on me and my freckles. One time I told someone, “At least I am not a plain face. I have action in my face.” Inside, it made me lose confidence in myself because that was really what people talked a lot about it.

In high school someone told me to use lemon juice to get rid of the brown spots. I couldn’t afford any expensive products or treatments so my mom (who also had lots of freckles) and I would buy grocery store heavy foundation. I would never go anywhere without my foundation. Unfortunately it didn’t look good, especially when I look back at old photos. In the summer my freckles would just come shining through.

In college I found a department store double-wear foundation and moisturizer and kept those pesky spots covered up. When I got married I finally tried products from a dermatology office. My freckles did diminish, but I looked white and pasty. Plus my pores felt too tight. I decided I would rather have freckles instead.

Once I got to my late 30s my neighbor approached me about Rodan and Fields skin care. I really didn’t want to listen, but she had freckles too and she loved the Reverse regimen. I immediately noticed that it looked like she had some laser treatment done on her skin. She promptly responded, “No, this is the skin care regimen I was telling you about.”


Results after only two weeks

I was sold and decided I had to try it. Two weeks later with faithful daily usage, my freckles lightened and my face was bright. Four years later I continue to use Reverse to combat the signs of aging. My proudest moment is when people will tell me it doesn’t look like I even have freckles. I was able to say good bye to the double-wear foundation for good.

Freckles are cute when you are little and certainly add personality, but as someone in her 40s I am happy to say that extreme freckles aren’t part of my present or future.


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Rodan + Fields, A Gift That Changed My Life

In celebration of 4 years since I said “Yes” to Rodan + Fields, a life changing decision.

Looking back I wonder how crazy different my life would look if my neighbor had not shared with me the gift of Rodan + Fields. I had no idea that taking this small leap of faith would enrich my life in so many ways! My journey has been one of self-development that has led me to earn rewards that are almost beyond description. Four years ago the thought of speaking to a room of over 300 people would have made me physically ill. Today, although I still get nervous, I enjoy sharing this gift with others in hopes it will enrich their life just as it has mine. For me, it’s not just about making money (although having financial freedom is a blessing), or going on fabulous trips and driving a shiny new Lexus but rather being a part of an empowering culture that has touched every aspect of who I am―my spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and intellectual life. Every day my goal is to continue to become a master in the art of living. It has brought tremendous joy to my life through courage and tenacity to never settle for less than I deserve.

Rodan + Fields is a company with a vision. We know who we are, where we’re going and how to get there. Our mission is to bring purpose and meaning to those who want positive change. It makes no difference of where you’re from, what you have or don’t have, what your experience or education level is, it doesn’t matter―you matter. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. You have to find your joy—seek it at every opportunity. Seek it with your whole being―your spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial life. When you feel congruent in all these areas of your life, you’re going to have great feelings of joy. That’s what I now have. That’s what I want for you. I want you to know your self-worth.
The key to our business ideology is so important — giving people the power to share and stay connected, empowering people to build their own future themselves on their terms. While some doubted that building a business through connecting was actually viable, we are building. While others are doubting that Rodan + Fields would be sustainable business model, we are experiencing triple digit growth increases and growing at exponential speeds. Simply put, we are a community of business owners that support one another using the power of connectivity and word of mouth referrals than anyone else. That won’t change.

So as I celebrate the last four years with Rodan + Fields and look forward to the incredible years ahead, I feel a deep responsibility to make the most of my time here and serve you the best I can. I want you to know, all things are possible when you have self-belief, determination, and the resources for success. Simply put, I found it with Rodan + grawerFields and it’s there for you too. Change can be a scary thing, I know. But nothing changes unless you change it. Dig deep, find your courage and we’ll wrap arms and go to the top together. The view is breath taking! Our world is what we make of it. I want you to live in the moment and be free. I want us to come together and create a joyous movement. The pen is in your hand, it’s time to write a beautiful story for yourself. Contact me on Facebook or at


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Social Commerce, It’s Not Business as Usual

Can you believe there are only a few more days left in 2015? Did you accomplish in 2015 what you set out to do? We all start with good intentions but as weeks go by things tend to be put on the back burner and procrastination can set in. We have good intentions, but tomorrow will be better, next week is a good time, next month I’ll have more free time, then it’s next summer, fall then winter, you get the picture. The world we live in is set up for a new way of doing business and it’s proving every day just how legitimate it is. It puts into your hands the empowerment to do whatever it is you want, without having to set aside ridiculous amounts of time. In fact, I’ll show you how to take something you already do every single day and make money from it. How much you make is up to you. But money for doing something you already do? Yes! It’s that simple. So ask yourself a few questions…

What would you like to change in 2016? Get out of debt? Create more cash flow? Pay down your mortgage? Leave that job you hate? Give more abundantly? Afford college? Travel more? Spend more time with family? Make meaningful friendships? Take your self-development to the next level?

Why not partner with me and 2 brilliant doctors who have already created a BILLION dollar brand once! They are doing it again…. only this time you have the opportunity to leverage the profits for your own financial gain. And aren’t profits so much better than wages?Rodan + Fields is the 4th LARGEST and the FASTEST Growing Premium Skincare Brand and we are quickly approaching being number one as we are also the fastest growing for the past 5 straight years.

You don’t have to be great to start… But you have to start to be great! We don’t do parties, we don’t carry inventory and we don’t do deliveries! We simply have a product that works and a VIRTUAL business model that you can work anywhere, any time! Supplemental or replacement income… whatever you want is yours for the taking.

Interested in learning more? Message me ~ Let’s Talk!! Our yer end incentives allow you to be fully reimbursed the enrollment kit cost in addition to generous bonuses and aggressive commissions. It’s not about selling skincare so get that our of your mind. It’s not about rubbing cream on people’s faces! It is a sound business decision with a reputable, soon to be global powerhouse brand. You don’t have to be a part, you GET to be a part. I’m waiting to hear from you. Your future self will thank you!

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Half of All Americans are Facing Financial Disaster

Did you know that a whopping 48% of Americans are just one emergency away from not being able to cover basic needs? And surprisingly most in this predicament don’t fit the stereotype of someone living on the financial edge.

I was talking with a friend who feels as if she is rolling the dice month to month. She lives in a three-bedroom house with her husband and two children in a suburb of Dallas, TX. The family owns two cars, the kids participate in high school sports, and they all attend church services regularly. She works full-time, as does her husband, and thanks to her job, the family has access to health insurance. But after covering the mortgage, the cost of insurance for her, her husband and their two children and other basic expenses, the couple had just $223 left in the bank in October.

She and her family aren’t alone in dealing with this constant threat. Nearly 48 percent of American households don’t have enough savings to cover their basic expenses for three months in the event of a financial emergency like losing a job or paying for unexpected medical care, according to a recent report from the Corporation for Enterprise Development. That figure has changed little from last year, the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard found.

Many of the Americans living on the financial edge are employed and living a middle-class lifestyle. There are a variety of reasons why so many Americans with full-time jobs and relatively high incomes are risk: They’re coping with stagnating wages and rising prices.

The big economic trends of the last 20, 30 years are stagnating wages. Other costs are rising substantially — income and wealth are concentrated at the top of the ladder. Everything is more expensive, and they’ve got the same size paycheck to pay for it all.

Times are a Changing. You’d Better Change How You Think and Do.

It’s been established that wages are stagnating and the cost of living keeps rising not to mention employers expect so much more for less these days. The 40 hour work week is non-existent to many with companies expecting 50-60 hour work weeks. Our society has gotten away from some important values in life. The more time we spend at work, the less time we spend at home. The less we spend raising our children. The less time we have for balance and relationships. When this happens, everything suffers including the demise of our society.

There are economic solutions. The most lucrative is to earn profits instead of earning a wage. Brilliant businessmen such as Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump know the secret to earning unlimited income, obtaining that harmonious balance and how to break the shackles of corporate oppression. In fact Donald Trump has been quoted as saying if he had to do it all over again (build his wealth), he would do it through Social Commerce.

Social Commerce allows you to earn a substantial income as you grow your organization. It’s a passive income meaning you do a little work up front and enjoy royalty income from it for years to come. By working a social commerce business a few hours a week alongside your current job you can build replacement or retirement income in months NOT years. Working more hours means you build faster, but that’s the beauty of it, you work at your pace, on your time, not at the barking orders of a boss. You’re the boss, you call the shots. You are paid off your efforts. It’s a way of taking back your life. No longer will you be dependent on someone else. That feeling of uncertainty will be replaced with confidence and a life worth living.

As a social commerce leader in my company, I can show you how to take 10 hours a week and invest it in your financial future. Think of it for now as a safety net. In a couple of years, it is your ticket to freedom from the corporate world.

It’s time to change your thoughts so you can change your world and regain control. If you don’t your financial worries will more than likely continue to spiral out of control. Be proactive and not reactive. If you will, then you will experience abundance.

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Death to the Commute, Social Commerce is a Better Way.

The days of commuting to work to a brick and mortar business are obsolete. The new modern workplace awaits you. Now you can be your own boss and make a substantial income with your growing organization. Work form anywhere in the world with your smart phone or laptop. It’s called social commerce and it’s the new way of doing business. Trade that stuffy business suit in for a bathing suit and see for yourself how working a part time gig can earn you 10x more than you make now.

Rodan + Fields is the premiere social commerce company created by the same two doctors who created and marketed Proactiv Solution into a number one global brand. This time, their new legacy company, Rodan + Fields is the crown jewel of their careers and is dominating the largest segment of the skin care industry, one that affects us all, the ANTI AGING market, a $500 BILLION Dollar industry. Rodan + Fields has been named the fastest growing skincare company in the U.S. for two straight years and we won the prestigious award for Consumer Products of the Year (an award APPLE previously held).

What if I told you for the first time ever in the history of any global brand you could be a part of its expansion and leverage the profits of that expansion for your own financial benefit? How does making SIX FIGURES A MONTH sound? It’s not a pipe dream, it’s actually happening and I am looking for a few power players in to meet our expansion demands.

Here’s what you DON’T have to do: sell, have home parties, make deliveries, work on a fixed schedule, or handle other people’s money.

Here are the prerequisites: passion, determination, have 10 hours a week to dedicate to working around your schedule. So say goodbye to the Monday morning blues and the weekly commute. It’s time for a new main street, social commerce.

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