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How to create a life that looks like everyone else’s weekends

I have been a Rodan and Fields consultant close to five years. When I first started, I took a glance at the chart our company created to show the path that needed to be taken to make it to the tippy top of the company, and it made me feel pretty overwhelmed. I decided to put my head down, get focused and take one day at a time.

When you start an entrepreneurial business, it’s not easy and it will take a lot of work, but the payoff in the long run can be much greater than signing on to work a corporate job. In corporate America, you have benefits, a set salary with an annual raise (hopefully) and, for the most part, you have a job description that is given to you. At the end of the year you may or may not do well on your annual review for all of your hard work. Most of the workforce can predict what the W-2 will state at the end of every year. Being an entrepreneur your W-2 (or 1099) can exceed your wildest predictions.

An entrepreneur is left to do everything on their own, so an internal drive and a big belief system are key. R +F luckily provides the business “back office” for a little fee, so the only big job I had was washing my face to be a “product of the product” and educating people about who we are. I remember for the first few years thinking this is the hardest but easiest work I have ever done. I was having fun, but I worked my tail off. Realizing that eventually it would pay off in a big way.

My belief system was so big starting from day one that I went to the bank and opened up a business account. I told the ladies in the bank that I had just found a business opportunity that was going to change my family’s life. I still remember the little chuckles I heard that day when I left the building.

Days of working became months and then became years. Time has flown by and I am approaching my fifth year! Several seasons have come and gone, in the past I always had a heavy heart in the summer months because as I was sitting at my computer working, I would scroll through Facebook and see many of my close friends at the lake having a great time. I was a little envious, but I kept saying to myself, “Stay focused so the rest of your life can look like most people’s weekends.”

The journey has created so many new experiences. I have made a ton of new friendships, and the self-development has been transformative. The income has been the icing on the cake. The places my R +F job has taken me has made me realize that life is about making the most of new experiences.

Cheers to those that have found a way to live life to the fullest! I am so glad I choose to put my head down and stay focused at a business I knew nothing about. We must all remember that there is no U-haul at the end of a hearse. My goal is to be “all in” and I hope to help others do the same.

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My story

I often get asked how I got started with Rodan and Fields and why I would leave my personal training business for a skin care company. Here is my story, quick and simple. Anyone who is interested in learning more can e-mail me at

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Mom guilt

As a mom with 14-, 12- and 10-year-old boys, the most important lesson I have learned is to be the example of the person you want them to be. This is with all aspects of their lives. The best way for them to see how to take care of their health is by seeing their parents do it. It’s the same thing with the spiritual side of their lives. If we want them to go to church as adults and be faithful, then we need to be going to church as a model and be faithful. If we want them to be polite, we have to be polite to others.

I exercise most days and don’t let other things get in the way because I know for my physical and mental well-being I need to stay in shape. I hope my boys model this lifelong habit of being active. I was lucky enough to stay home with all three of them when they were young. But like many mothers, I was missing a “work challenge.” When the boys got old enough to go to school, I changed career fields and became a personal trainer because I truly like to create a positive difference in people’s lives and I needed a flexible schedule.

What I found when I was training moms was that some of them felt guilty taking time out of their day to care for themselves. They told me, “I feel guilty taking an hour to workout daily, because I’m taking away time I could be spending with my family.” When they made statements like this, I would simply remind them that one of our jobs as mothers was to be the healthy example for our children. Lots of mothers throw themselves into motherhood and believe they are only seen as great moms if they give up “selfish pursuits” like exercise, shopping for a new outfit, a girl’s night out (all though we manage this one).

I do make sacrifices for these things, but I feel I do a fair job fitting it in while still being available and present. Fitting in a workout is not always the easiest of task to do. There are compromises that have to be made to make it happen, especially when workloads and family life are hectic. Here is an example of how my husband and I will fit in a workout, when most people they would say there is no time. On Sunday mornings my husband works out before church, leaving me to get the boys ready and out the door , we meet him there. This is a pain and sometimes we are barely getting there on time, but If he “knocks it out,” he has time later in the day to mow, go to the boy’s events and practice sports with the boys to help better their skills. We work together as a team because we know that staying fit is important. As moms we may feel a little guilty if the roles were reversed, but that is “mom guilt” for you.

The same sacrifices are true when it comes to building a business of our own. After being a personal trainer for several years, I was offered an opportunity that has completely changed my family’s life. Many women might not want to take time away from their families to build a business, especially if it’s one that they would be building from the ground up. They feel it’s not necessary, especially if they don’t feel their families “need the money” or if they do actually “need the money,” they may limit family spending again and not be burdened with having to take the effort and time. Some will choose to just sacrifice things in their lives instead of stepping into something that could be life-changing. I admire families who make sacrifices because being there as a wife and mom is important, especially if the husband’s job requires him to be gone, but sometimes when you put yourself out there your eyes open to more to what life has to offer.

I am sure when I started to build my current business four years ago other moms might have been thinking I was taking time away from my family but really it has had a positive impact on our lives. My sons are learning many lessons from us, as do kids learn from their parents every day, good or bad. My job has taught them how to think differently, outside the box. They don’t have to follow the traditional model to be successful. It’s also taught them to listen when someone has a business opportunity (not to be a closed door). Both my husband and I have taught them a strong work ethic. They know that it takes work to build a large business. They are learning the value the friendships and mentoring.

On the outside it might look like I take away from my family to exercise or attend trainings and meetings for my business, but on the inside it has only had positive effects on my three sons and family as a whole. I want women to let go of feeling the need to be everything for everyone and just set an example of what you should do in life to be a all around healthy person spiritually, physically and mentally and always be open to the idea of change; it’s not a bad thing. I am always growing in all three of these areas, so by no means am I saying I am perfect. Life is a journey and one day our kids will be grown adults. What they learn from us will be embedded in their lives for good. Let’s say good-bye to “mom guilt” and start living the life we want our kids to live.

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Houston, we have a problem

People often get stuck in a box. They believe the way it has always been is the way it will always be. Anything outside the norm they think is weird or strange. For example, they go to school for particular career and work full time in a business or institution the way their parents and grandparents did. Some people are very fortunate to love what they do and I am so happy for them.

I was speaking at several events in Houston recently. Sadly many people in my hometown are losing their jobs as more layoffs happen in the oil and gas industry. I met a young lady with children whose husband lost his job and is now waiting tables until he can find a permanent position. Another woman I met works in the industry and was the one doing some of those layoffs. After she did that unfortunate task, more changes happened in her company and she was put on the night shift. Now she can’t see her small children in the evenings.

All that being said, many people like to stay where they feel safe. Doing something completely different is scary. To be the first person to step out of the norm could look a little crazy. In reality, the shift in thinking could be the answer people are looking for.

I met many people in the Houston area who were not so understanding of the business model that leverages social commerce. There were many skeptics in the room. I asked them, “What is the trend right now: buying online or buying in a retail store?” Everyone agreed that online purchases were the future. I replied, “You have the chance to partner with the No. 1 anti-aging premium skin care line in North America with global recognition and you are questioning me if this is a legitimate business. You just said people buy online, not in retail settings.”

In unstable job markets like Houston, why wouldn’t this be the time to ask the question, “Should I look at something where I can take control of my life and my hours and work smarter?”

The perfect storm is here: the products work (We are the No. 1 in anti-aging and acne products) and we are a globally recognized name. The question is, “Do you believe in yourself? If you do, then I believe you might see that this is what you are looking for. Live life on your own terms.

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What’s Holding You Back from Being Your Own Boss?

Do Any Apply to You?

We all have it. That nagging little voice inside our head that instills doubt, fear and compiles an excuse list longer than Santa’s naughty list of why we cannot do something. It’s our own worst enemy. It can lead to dismissing the idea that situations can change and that you have the power to change it. It’s the pathetic workings of that little voice that present reason after reason of why we can’t do something. And eventually we all regret making bad decisions based on those excuses, especially when those excuses kept us from chasing–and possibly achieving–our dreams.

So if you’ve always wanted to start a social commerce business, even just on the side while you keep your full-time job (which often times the best approach to take), see if any of the following are unnecessarily holding you back:

  1. “I’m too late.”

Just because you know someone who is in a social commerce business doesn’t mean you are too late to get in. So often I hear “I see it all over Facebook” or “my friend is in the business and she knows the same people as I do.” You know what my answer is? SO WHAT? There are over 7 billion people on the planet and you need a few to have a thriving business. Just remember Steve Jobs beat you to the graphical interface and mouse, but Xerox beat him. Dell wasn’t the first to cobble together his own computers. Zuckerberg wasn’t first in social media. The list goes on.

You’re only too late if you’re not willing to try. I have built my business not so much with my friends and family but with strangers with like minds. Since we live in a digital age where social media is at the forefront we can reach millions of people we could’ve never reached just 10 years ago. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

  1. “I’m too afraid.”

Think you’re special? You’re not. Every entrepreneur was scared, and is still scared. In fact I wake up excited and scared every day. My choice is to not feed my fears. That means you have a choice. You can let your fears hold you back, or you can use those fears to fuel you do whatever it takes to succeed.

Complacency is the enemy of achievement. Fortunately, the fear of not achieving your dreams can drive complacency away. You just have to decide you’re more afraid of not trying than of not succeeding.

  1. “I don’t know the right people.”

Between company websites and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms you can reach almost anyone besides the Pope and maybe Mark Cuban. (I love and adore Mark Cuban so don’t think I haven’t tried).

In fact some people are surprisingly accessible; maybe that’s one of the secrets of their success.

Of course the people you reach out to may not respond. If they don’t, that’s probably your fault. Never forget that the more influential the person the more they’re besieged with requests. Have a good reason to connect, give before you expect to receive, and you might be surprised by who responds. Some of our most successful people in Rodan and Fields came from someone building up enough courage to just speak to someone about the business. Don’t assume…you know what that does.

  1. “I need to find funding first.”

Entrepreneurs are masters of the art and science of accomplishing more with less: less money, less people, less time, less everything. You can always find an excuse about not having the money or funding. Look at it this way, if you really want something you find a way to get it. I’ve seen some people get pretty creative when it comes to starting their own business. It’s because they really, really, I mean really wanted it. You must be willing to put some skin in the game and when I first started my business and didn’t have the money my mentor told me to “sell my bed.” She said if that was the only way to get in and do it now to sell your bed and sleep on the floor until you can get a new one. Sometimes opportunity comes with a time tag. The longer you put it off the longer it takes to obtain the freedom you desire. You can’t always control what you have, but you can control what you choose to do with what you do have.

  1. “I don’t have the time.”

You, like everyone, has the same amount of time. The only difference is what you do with your time. If you were trapped underground and only had 24 hours of an oxygen supply you wouldn’t check your Twitter feed or chat with friends or spend a little “me time” in front of the TV. You’d dig and dig and dig and pour all your energy into tunneling free.

Apply the same level of importance and urgency to what you want to accomplish and your schedule will instantly clear… because finding time is always a matter of how badly you want something.

  1. “I don’t have the right skills.”

No problem. Go get them. Apply yourself. Become engaged with resources a company offers. Read a book. Read ten books. Talk to friends. Get an accountability partner. Find someone who has done what you want to do and ask for the opportunity to learn.

Does that seem too hard? Like too big of a price to pay? Or simply not fair? Then accept you will never have the skills–and stop complaining. Skills and knowledge are earned, not given. Go earn them. No one is going to do it for you.

  1. “I can’t seem to come up with a great idea.”

Dreaming up something new is really, really hard. Thank goodness you don’t have to. Not all entrepreneurs have a new invention to bring to the marketplace. There are just as many trailblazers out there paving the way for their future with a company that already has a proven track record but needs you to evolve the brand. The solution to this problem is to open your mind. Forget the status quo and do something your future self will thank you for.

  1. “It just seems too risky.”

I would ask you to define risk? When I started my Rodan+Fields business I wasn’t asked to sell the farm if you will. I found a great company that offered low cost of entry with high profit potential. That was enough for me. I was profitable my first month and it has only grown substantially since then. So remember any risk you take today is a risk you can recover from especially if the risk is low. If you never try all you wind up with are regrets. When you’re old and grey and “done” you’ll look back on your life and think, “I wonder what might have happened if I had only…”

That might be the only risk you should never take.

  1. “I’m more of a big picture person.”

No you’re not. You’re just too lazy to do the grunt work. Or you think you’ve already paid your dues. Every successful entrepreneur rolls up his or her sleeves and outworks everyone else around. (That’s one of the reasons they’re so successful.) You don’t need some undefined innate quality to be great at execution. All you need is self-discipline. Being a “big picture” person is seeing the potential down the road, rolling up your sleeves and doing the work now to enjoy immense benefits later. That works for me. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey because reaching the summit is all about the journey to get there.

  1. “I really need to wait until everything’s perfect.”

“Everything” will never be perfect. Let me say that again. “Everything” will never be perfect.

At any given time you can always find an excuse to keep putting your dreams on hold. STOP IT! If you continue with that mindset years can roll by then one day you will wake up and regret not starting earlier. Make a plan, whittle it down to bite sized chunks. A little income producing activity a week adds up to a lot later. In fact you will be amazed.

  1. “It just seems too hard.”

Long journeys are hard.

Individual steps are easy.

You can’t accomplish any difficult goal overnight, but you can accomplish one step, however small, towards that goal. Think about the end of a journey and all that will be required along the way and you’ll never start.

Instead, just do one thing that will help get you there. Then build on it. That you can do.

  1. “It will be too embarrassing if I fail.”

Failing in public can be embarrassing. (You should have seen me when I first started speaking; talk about public failure. Ugh.)

If you fail, a few people will talk about you. But those are the same people who would never dare try something themselves. So don’t worry about them.

On the other hand, tons of people will respect you for taking a shot. They’ll recognize a kindred spirit. They’ll pick you up. They’ll encourage you. They know what it’s like to try and fail and try again. When I started my business, I didn’t receive the kind of support from who I thought were my real friends. But I was pleasantly surprised at the ones who came to the top and have supported and cheered me on every step of the way. Basically, I have been able to sift through and find the real ones I want to be around. I am not saying they all want to be in business with me or want my product, I am saying they are supportive. For that I am forever grateful. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Those who have vision. Those who embrace change. Those who see the glass as half full.

Why? They’re people living their lives on their terms.

They’re entrepreneurs.

Be one.


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Wages vs. Residual Income. Know the Differences.

What Is Residual Income?

Residual income is also known as recurring or passive income. It is significantly different from earning a regular wage which is directly proportional to the number of hours that you put in your job. The best thing about passive income is that it contributes to long term wealth and you don’t have to worry about economic conditions or putting in long hours to earn that money.

Differences Between Residual Income and Regular Wage

A lot of people have difficulty in understanding the concept of residual income. They are used to going to a job working 40-60 hours a week, in order to earn money. More often than not, their work lives are dictated to them…when to come in, what to do, when to go to lunch (if any) and when to come home. Earning a wage means the hours you invest in your job coorelates with the money you earn. Plus it is a known fact that you stop earning as soon as you stop working. If you want to earn more, you need to work overtime or get a promotion. Even then, there are limits to the amount of money that you can make from your job.

In the case of residual income, you continue to make money long after you have completed the job or made an investment. Often there is no limit to the amount of money that you can earn and for certain types of investments, the amount of money that you earn actually increases over time. So you get significantly higher returns for the time and money that you invested initially.

Best Sources of Residual Income

There are several sources of residual income and you need to choose an income stream that you are most comfortable with. The popularity of the internet has given rise to hundreds of different ways to earn passive income. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to earn a consistent recurring income without investing a large amount of money. For instance, you can make money through what is being deemed the wave of the future…network marketing.

How To Increase Your Residual Income

The best way to increase your residual income is to choose an opportunity carefully and invest your time and money wisely. Not every opportunity is created equal, so you must be able to distinguish between profitable and non-profitable opportunities. Also, you must be willing to work hard in the beginning so that you reap the benefits of your hard work in the future. Once an opportunity starts to make money for you, you should replicate it to increase your recurring income. The key to getting wealthy is to continue building your sources of passive income over a period of time. The good news is choosing the right opportunity means you can condense a 40 year wage earning career into 3 years of working only part time.

How Do You Find The Right Company?

Harvard Business School developed 3 criteria that a network marketing company must have in order to make it a desirable opportunity.

They are:

  1. The company must be at least 18 months old. 90% of all network marketing companies that fail do so in the first 18 months of operations. Lack of adequate financing and inexperienced senior management are two of the more common pitfalls of start up companies so be sure to find out what you can about the MLM’s funding and management.
  2. The company must have a product that is both unique and highly consumable. Meaning it must be an exclusive product that can be purchased only from your distributors with repeated sales thereby guaranteeing customer loyalty versus a one-time sale and having to locate new customers.
  3. It needs to be a “ground floor” opportunity. Harvard Business School suggests that in order for the opportunity to qualify as a ground floor type, the number of existing distributorships should be less than ½ of 1% in the country where this network company exists. In the U.S., this figure is equal to 1.5 million people. Harvard Business School also stated that if there were less than 500,000 people involved, you would be on the cutting edge of a great opportunity. If the company has less than 100,000 distributors, Harvard Business School considers it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Harvard Business School study also stated that there are 4 distinct stages of growth in a network marketing company – Foundation, Concentration, Momentum, and Stability. The Momentum Phase is when the company experiences phenomenal growth. Both retail and distributorships explode in terms of expanding growth. It is during this period that the company virtually sweeps the nation. When a company’s sales reach about 50 million annually (4.2 million a month), they reach what is called “critical mass” (sales go vertical right off the graph). Also, approximately 2/3 of the company’s growth of new distributorships occurs during this period of time. Let’s assume you have an organization which is producing an override bonus check to you of $1,000 per month. When the company reaches critical mass, distributors almost automatically experience a ten-fold increase in their earnings. In other words, $1,000 per month becomes $10,000 per month. This is the reason for getting involved on the ground floor, so you will experience the benefits of explosive growth.

Rodan + Fields was the focus of this study. The conclusion? R+F is a “Once in a lifetime opportunity.” Where else can you own a micro enterprise without franchise fees and without a large investment? With low start- up costs and high profit potential with a soon to be global boom company you can design a life on your terms. Maybe you just need an extra $5000 a month or you want huge retirement income of $100,000 a month. It’s up to you and if you take advantage of this opportunity, NOW while we are just approaching momentum then you’ll realize why FORBES is calling it the most lucrative business model on the planet.

I m looking for expansion in the United States and Canada and eventually globally. It is not a sales job but to evolve this brand into a household word. Work it part time or full time around your schedule. It is up to you.

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Life is like an onion. We’re constantly peeling back one layer at a time.

To Find Purpose You Have to Peel Back the Layers of Yourself.

If you are brave enough to peel back the layers, you can get to your purpose in life. Beware… Peeling the onion can produce tears too. Nothing in life worth having is always easy. It’s all about getting to the core revealing purpose and answering the call.

Just as an onion has many layers, we as people also have layers. The layers, in the form of our disposition, values, leadership and purpose produces “skin,” give shape and substance to us as people and leaders. Each layer when peeled back identifies who we are and transforms our life into a journey of self-understanding.

The main characteristics of the onion are its layers, strong and undeniable aroma, and striking taste that enhances the flavor of other foods. In most cases, the onion is commonly used to spice up the main course.

A journey of self-understanding begins at the inner layers, and then moves outward to the layer of relationships and purpose. All the while, preparing us for a flavorful, unforgettable experience.

I’ve been peeling back the layers in my life for many years now. The awareness’s I have received along the way were, and still are, very rewarding. Each layer has given me crystal clear glimpses of my purpose. Sometimes I still get in a bit of a rut, and feel stuck. I have made mistakes, had successes and forged on. As long as I am breathing, I will make more and still, during all of this “living”, I have managed to stay grateful enough to remain present to all the gifts that I have received.

Peeling the onion is a process that takes time, and patience. It doesn’t happen overnight. When coaching my business partners I am constantly reminding them to have patience. Everything is changing, all the time. Nothing stays the same…especially us. If you don’t like what’s happening be proactive, make changes and allow that change to happen. It’s enivitable. Go with the flow or be left behind.

It seems to me that impatience is a byproduct of not knowing our purpose, or having a plan. To make matters worse, you might have a plan, but truly not believe in it, that will stall your progress as well. Peeling back the onion layer of impatience you will only discover fear. Fear can be a good thing at times, it can push you to accomplish things you never thought possible, but unbridled, it can be your downfall. Especially if you are trying to run a business. Be patient, work hard, peel those layers and at the core of the peeled onion is your purpose and your heart.

How many layers have you peeled?


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How to Be A Rock Star in Your Social Commerce Business.

Rock stars have certain traits and attributes that you can emulate at work to help you find your groove. Want to rock at work? Follow these tips. No black nail polish or bandanas required.

  1. Visualize

Every rock star, before they stepped into the glaring spotlight of a sold out show soaking in the screaming fans chanting their name have all done one thing. They visualized it. By visualizing where you want to be it helps keep you focused and goal-oriented. Visualize what your next step will be, what life will be like after that next step, to ward off contentedness and a comfort with your surroundings. Rock stars are always looking to move on up.

  1. Preparation

Want to feel like that drummer who just pulled off the perfect solo? First thing to realize is that it didn’t happen by accident. Years, maybe decades of practice allowed that rock star to nail that track. Now look to your own profession. Want to nail that presentation? Prepare for anything and everything, so that you will always strike the perfect chord and leave feeling like a rock star.

  1. Win Early

Rocking is hard. It takes stamina. So is the business of network marketing, where being noticed early may be the difference between a promotion and stagnation. So what’s the break you’re looking for? Early career victories. In entrepreneurship, it is important to have some small, early victories to get your rock star mojo flowing. Is it luck? No it’s hard work. But be prepared others will look at it as luck when you make it happen.

  1. Grow Thick Skin

Rock stars are constantly doubted and second-guessed. So too are entrepreneurs. You are a trailblazer, so you will always have the doubters and haters standing on the sides telling you that you can’t. The only protection is thick skin, emboldened by the confidence in your own skills, to keep you rocking on.

  1. Be Open to New Ideas

All great rock stars have evolved over time to stay relevant. They have leapt into new worlds with open minds to be influenced and create something new and unique. To feel like a rock star at work you must continually be evolving and stay open to new ideas.

  1. Stop Complaining

Rock stars are beacons of positivity. No one goes to a concert to hear them complain that there are not enough people in the stands or their guitar isn’t good enough. They are there to rock, not complain. Stay focused on what matters and let the little things roll on by. This positive rock star attitude will keep you moving in the right direction.

  1. Breathe

Breathing exercises can help rock stars hit the high notes or maintain focus on the complex parts of their songs. Deep, regulated breathing improves focus, relieves stress and can make you calm, cool and relaxed in situations where others are melting. Now, what is more rock star than that?

  1. Stop Comparing

The quickest way to crippling self-doubt is comparison. If the rock icons measured themselves against the greats before them, they wouldn’t of had the confidence to rock on in their own unique way. Capture this rock star attitude and quit comparing yourself to others in your professional and social network.

  1. Unplug to Plug In

Non-stop rocking will burn out even the greatest of rock legends. Rock stars need breaks to refuel, relax and gain new insights and inspiration. But this is something that professionals can learn from. Taking some time off and putting yourself in unfamiliar surroundings will stimulate new areas of your brain, recharge your diligence and get you back to work feeling like a rock star.

  1. Follow a Passion to Find Purpose

Rock stars live a glamorous, charmed life. However, beyond the fame and fortune, what really sparks reverence for rock stars in our society is that they have followed their passion to its fullest extent and greatest glory. Not everyone is pitch perfect or gifted with instruments, but we all are passionate about something, none more so than entrepreneurs. Follow that passion until it leads you to a life of purpose, and you will find rock star living.

Ready to be a rock star in your business? I’ve coached hundreds of people to their fullest potential and you can be next. I’ve got your ticket to the next sold out show. Message me and let’s rock it out together!

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Creating Positive Change

It has always been my mission to create positive change, not only in myself but to inspire others who desperately seek positive change in their own lives. But let me be clear, it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, I have experienced some difficult times in my early years. I have had some successes, plenty of failures, and many experiences that were a little of both. The key is to always take stock on where I have succeeded and where I have failed. The conclusion may seem obvious but to me has been so profound.

We can’t change the world if we don’t change ourselves.

What does this mean?

The battle for change is hard, no matter where it is fought. Most people assume it can’t occur, and many others try to actively stop it. Why? My two cents is because change scares people. They become complacent in life and when someone steps out of the proverbial box to do something different it disrupts that complacency. The fear of the unknown steps in and, yep you guessed it, that little negative voice does what it only knows to do…instill doubt.

When I worked as an Occupational Therapist, countless people thought it was logistically impossible to improve their quality of life and day to day living abilities. They were down and many had lost hope that what they deemed a normal life would ever exist. As we worked together I witnessed how the power of mind over matter mixed in with a little hope made a difference.

I have seen the same in business. Our greatest entrepreneurs are torn to pieces by often those who are threatened when they first share their ideas for change.

Steve Jobs put it this way:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

What I have learned from my experiences, and from the words of those far wiser than me, is that the most important change you can create is in your own mind.

If we can teach our minds to be calm, to be quiet, to operate from a place of strength instead of fear, and to see risk as a part of the constant change of life we can do incredible things.

For me, the first step in this is being still, being quiet, and removing the constant bombardment of noise that our culture provides. Much of this noise says “no.” By looking within we can find “yes.”

It’s hard. I’m still learning. But I am convinced that it is the only way for us to be equipped to create lasting and continual change. If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to create positive change for yourself, then congratulations on taking the first step. It’s not as hard as you think and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or exhausting. With the help of me and my team, we can show you how to live life on your terms being the best version of yourself. It’s not an overnight fix. Prosperity is about little things being done right over time. It’s an accumulation of grit, determination and perseverance mixed with opportunity. Come change lives with us through the power of YOU!


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If you don’t have a Plan B you need to take heed.

Now more than ever is the most ripened time to absolutely explode your own personal business. Why? Within the next 5 years over 70 million people are looking to start a home based business. But you won’t be able to capitalize on this unless you read this article and take action. First, if you’re looking for a system that magically solves all your problems and does all the work for you on autopilot then stop reading this now. But if you want to know how to stand out from the rest and have lasting success then you’re in the right place.

The most important thing to know is your business will grow as fast as YOU grow personally. Read that again. Your net worth is determined by your network. It doesn’t have to be a large network, this works even if you only know a couple of people because guess what? They know a couple of people and those people know a few more, etc. Birds of a feather flock together. Misery loves company. You are two peas in a pod. You’ve heard these sayings, right? But how true does it ring in our minds? In order for you to have a thriving business you have to grow first. Here are 3 strengths that will help you uncover a wildly successful business. After all work smarter not harder!
before but how true do they ring in our minds. In order for you to have

Strength of Self Mastery

Your team will do what you do not what you say. So how do you build a large team? Focus on mastering a mindset. Have a mission that you stick with, believe in yourself today. Embrace doing the difficult,out of your comfort zone things and take personal responsibility. Make a point to do short term and long term goal setting then do whatever it takes to accomplish those goals and move forward. As you do this you will no doubt attract the right people.

Strength of Action

Taking the right massive action gets you the results, period. Sadly a lot of people take action but do the wrong things. You have to do some visualizing in your mind first that having a network marketing business is possible. Have a plan, mimic leaders in your company, branch out and be bold on the things that matter and understand the importance and power of letting the past or negative things go. You don’t have to depend on an upline to be successful. Take pride and say I will do this with or without someone else. If you have initiative and drive nothing will or can stop you. My friends, that’s the secret sauce.

Strength of Relationships

This will help you relate with your team better. Make sure you have a vision of something bigger than yourself. Treat those on your team as an individual not a team. Each person is different, has different goals and reasons why they are in business with you so communicate with them that way. Let them see the belief you have in them. And make sure you listen carefully to what they have to say.

If you possess all 3 strengths together there is no doubt that your team will explode because you will be attracting quality people to you. And that is the name of the game!

My Rodan+Fields business is a 3 million dollar a year business. My personal team is tracking to double by this year’s end. I’m in the top 1% of the company out of thousands. It’s not because I am a salesperson because I am not. It’s because of a superior business model, transformational products and an impeccable reputation for leading billion dollar brands. We are expanding rapidly in the US and Canada right now. I’m looking for entrepreneurs that understand and “get” big business to join me. If you will, you can experience benefits beyond your wildest expectations. Contact me via email at or connect with me on Facebook,

Til next time,

Michelle Grawer

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