Create your own yellow brick road

Michelle has always been the type of person that would put a big goal out into the universe, claim it out loud and achieve it, rather than claiming it out loud only when achieved. It does us no good in life to play small, so why not play big?

“I have been in my business now for five years. There is the path to the top of my company called the Road to RFX. It reminds me of the yellow brick road in the movie “Wizard of Oz.” The road full of surprises, self-growth, meeting friends along the way and figuring out the way to your ultimate destination point,” Michelle Grawer shared.

“The first big milestone in our company is earning a Lexus. I achieved the first of the three-month qualification period in my first 10 months. Before I actually made it, I claimed it out loud to everyone. I went to the dealership a few months before and picked out the one I wanted and took it for a test drive. At that time this dealership hadn’t heard of our company, but I told them that I along with many others would be walking in the doors for their Lexus soon. They have now witnessed close to or over 20 consultants come through their doors and many more to follow. You see, I put it out there so I and others could achieve it,” she continued.
“After I earned my Lexus and was continuing to grow and expand in my business, I needed to move out the small desk area in our laundry room. My husband works out of the home and I politely asked him if he would mind letting me take his office area so I could create a professional work area. I needed a bigger desk, drawer space, walls to share pictures of achievements and product display. I needed to feel inspired and inspire team members that want to follow in my steps. I achieved a few more levels soon after.”

In November she finished out the month hitting the final destination point on the Road to RFX. She decided to expand into one of the nicest vehicles on the Lexus lot as a reward for hard work and discipline. It was a stretch to do this because she and her husband come from a humble backgrounds. But this is something that she saw as an expansion. It’s a rolling trophy that her team earned and when they go on “fun” road trips for work, it will inspire them to promote.

“The point of sharing my story is to tell you to speak your goals into fruition. You can’t grow if you don’t state your goals out loud and to others. You can’t grow if your environment isn’t moving with you. You will be playing small if you don’t set yourself up for the next level.”

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