Don’t Sit Back and Be Average

”I woke up this morning and realized I don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average.”

This quote popped up in my Facebook news feed, and I think it should be everyone’s motto. Maybe you feel like you have been dealt a bad hand. Maybe your upbringing wasn’t the greatest, maybe you aren’t where you thought you would be at this point in your life, but we all have what it takes to rise above our setbacks and be more than just average.

I had a chance talk to a group of 20 teenage girls who were trying to get their GED through the Arkansas Youth Challenge Program. These dropouts were learning life skills and discipline to succeed. I shared with them my struggles growing up with a single mom, moving often and how I settled for being less than average by not always having the best grades. I told them that I didn’t always make the best choices. A prime example is the fact that I moved out of the house when I was just 17. I shared with them that as my entrepreneur path started to take place, I finally realized how much strength I got from those experiences that I used to be embarrassed about.

I tried to make myself more than average. When I was younger it was about sports, but now it’s about success in life. It’s about being an entrepreneur and educating people about the possibilities that are available if you allow yourself to be tapped in. The physical, mental and spiritual components all have to be in sync.

This was my first time to speak in front of teenage girls. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know what to say, but I found it was natural to talk with them. I shared with them these stories of overcoming and how I was able to build my business across the United States and Canada in less than five years. The girls then told me their stories and they were excited to share about their lives and struggles but also about how they have overcome many obstacles as well.

Honestly, I was searching for these young ladies. I got as much from them as they did me. At the end of our meeting, I told them to not settle for less than their best. I challenged them to not be just normal, doing the minimal to get by. I believe this is something everyone needs to hear and it is something I strive for every day. I feel the cross we bear in life directs us on how we can positively impact the future.

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