My Five Simple Steps to Success

As an entrepreneur who has had some success over the past four years, I sometimes get asked how I got there. What is that “secret sauce”? All networking marketing is basically the same and I believe it was these five steps that got me to where I am today.

Step 1: Stay on system, whatever system the company provides. It is the system for a reason. Business women and men coming into networking marketing might think they have been successful in the past and they should know how to run their business. Even if you think you have your own great system, surrender for at least 60 days to the company’s system.

Step 2: You have to talk consistently to new people. I believe three to five new people a day is good. In this profession, you have to share what you do in order to grow your business. Think of yourself as a social networker.

Step 3: You have to believe in the business opportunity when others don’t. There is nothing that anyone could say or do to make me quit and give up. There is no friendship I could have lost that would have changed my mind about my business. I knew in my gut that Rodan+Fields was going to change my life and it has.

Step 4: Use your “Nos” as a stake in the ground to push you forward. I really liked getting “Nos” and I actually looked forward to them. You have to think of “No” differently. I had a relative who really didn’t understand what I was doing and it could have derailed my belief in my company. I knew I was bringing value to people’s lives, and I wasn’t going to quit just because she said I should quit.

Step 5: Listen before talking. When meeting new people, you have to ask questions and listen. You won’t know why someone needs this opportunity if you don’t ask questions. We are trying to make a difference in people’s lives, and it’s hard to know how to help them unless you listen first.

These steps are pretty simple, but I know they aren’t always easy to follow through with every day. In the end, it has been worth it for me to find success.