Get a Life. One You Deserve.

The alarm rings and you hop out of bed. Another day is off and running. A quick shower. Wake the kids and
rush them through breakfast so they won’t be late for school. Down a cup of coffee. Shovel down a bowl of cornflakes. Hurry out to the car, not forgetting a swift kiss on your partner’s cheek. Hightail it to the freeway, making a mental note to grab some takeout pizza on the way home. (The kids’ soccer practice starts at 6:15 sharp.) Weave back and forth looking for the fastest lane while the radio deejay barks out the minutes — 8:33, 8:41, quarter to. Reaching work, you sprint into the building and leap up the stairs three at a time, arriving
at your desk with seconds to spare. You take a couple of deep breaths, then remember that the project you didn’t finish last night must be sent to New York by 10:00am. Meanwhile, you’ve got five voice-mail messages and dozens more on e-mail, six of them marked urgent.

Do you ever feel like your life has turned into a grueling race toward a finish line you’ll never reach? No matter
how fast you go, no matter how many comforts you forgo in order to quicken your pace, there never seems to be enough time. So what do you do? You rev up the speed, of course, that’s the answer to our busy lives, right? The thought process is if we’re swamped by the accelerating pace we get a computer that’s faster. Life spinning out of control then we learn to read and write faster. No time to enjoy life? We purchase products that promise to help to make meals quicker, exercise faster and run errands faster.

Yet it seems that the faster we go, the farther we fall behind. Not only in the literal sense of not getting done what
we set out to do, but at a deeper level too. Like many Americans, I’ve always moved at a fast clip. I can’t stand small talk, waiting in line or wasting copious amounts of time. It has always seemed obvious to me that the faster I move, the more things I can do and the more fun and meaning my life will have. But it had gotten to the point where my days, crammed with all sorts of activities, feel like an Olympic endurance event: the everyday-athon. As I race through meals, work, family time, social encounters and the physical landscape on my way to my
next appointment, I’m began to wonder what I was missing, what pleasures I’ve been in too much of a hurry to
appreciate or even notice. I was consumed with a non- balanced approach to life.

According to Harvard economist Juliet Schor, author of the best-seller The Overworked American, Schor says her research shows that “millions of Americans are beginning to live a different kind of life, where they are trading money for time. People want to slow down because they feel that their lives are spinning out of control, which is ironic because speed has always been promoted as way to help us achieve mastery over the world. “The major cause in the speed-up of life is not technology, but economics,” says Schor. “The nature of work has changed now that bosses are demanding longer hours of work.” After a long workweek, the rest of our life becomes a rat race, during which we have little choice but to hurry from activity to activity, with one eye always on the clock. Home-cooked meals give way to frozen pizzas, and Sundays turn into a hectic whirlwind of errands.

The whole trading money for time is a noble concept but what I propose is a solution where you no longer have to trade one for the other. My company, Rodan+Fields has started a new social movement to improve the quality of life and defend a movement of people who are willing to adapt to a new way of thinking. A balanced life, with intervals of creative frenzy giving way to relaxed tranquility. You can regain the joy of living by designing your own life.

So the million dollar question is HOW?

What if I told you that you could partner with the two doctors who created Proactive Solution, the world’s number one acne treatment in their new legacy company that will dominate the anti-aging $500 billion skincare industry? Then what if I told you that you only need 10 hours a week, you work it on your schedule, there is no selling involved and you can retire with royalty income in as little as 6 months? Would that be something you’d be interested in? I would like to introduce you to Rodan+Fields.

Rodan + Fields® is an ECOMMERCE skincare company founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution specializing in marketing clinically-proven skincare products with a unique business model that empowers people to become their own bosses and potentially earn substantial incomes with their growing organizations. With triple digit growth in revenues and consultants, groundbreaking product introductions and industry recognition, Rodan + Fields is already the 4th largest premium skincare company in the world and we have barely scratched the surface of the US with global expansion on the horizon. We are looking for those who will lead in the evolution of the Rodan + Fields brand, by helping us build an infrastructure for what’s happening now and the explosive growth of the future. You will be building a sustainable business that will be here 100 years from now. For those efforts you will be paid a residual income that is multi -generational…meaning your loved ones will continue with your royalty income forever.

Harvard calls us “A once in a lifetime opportunity.” I hope you won’t close your mind before you know the facts and what’s at stake. You can leave a world of constant pressure and unfinished business and live life on your terms, financially free. I started working with Rodan + Fields three years ago. I am now a high 6 figure earner and it grows substantially every month. Let me get you out of the sink hole of corporate America. I am looking for those with drive, vision and a make it happen attitude. If you have that, we’ll supply the rest.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your life then contact me. I’ll share in more detail how you might fit in. We have just announced an initiative where you can profitable in a major way immediately. You can OWN a piece of this billion dollar pie. The decision is yours to stay in the same place you’re in now or do something positive and get yourself out of it. Connect with me on Facebook or at Change your thoughts. Change your mind. It’s time to get a life.