Houston, we have a problem

People often get stuck in a box. They believe the way it has always been is the way it will always be. Anything outside the norm they think is weird or strange. For example, they go to school for particular career and work full time in a business or institution the way their parents and grandparents did. Some people are very fortunate to love what they do and I am so happy for them.

I was speaking at several events in Houston recently. Sadly many people in my hometown are losing their jobs as more layoffs happen in the oil and gas industry. I met a young lady with children whose husband lost his job and is now waiting tables until he can find a permanent position. Another woman I met works in the industry and was the one doing some of those layoffs. After she did that unfortunate task, more changes happened in her company and she was put on the night shift. Now she can’t see her small children in the evenings.

All that being said, many people like to stay where they feel safe. Doing something completely different is scary. To be the first person to step out of the norm could look a little crazy. In reality, the shift in thinking could be the answer people are looking for.

I met many people in the Houston area who were not so understanding of the business model that leverages social commerce. There were many skeptics in the room. I asked them, “What is the trend right now: buying online or buying in a retail store?” Everyone agreed that online purchases were the future. I replied, “You have the chance to partner with the No. 1 anti-aging premium skin care line in North America with global recognition and you are questioning me if this is a legitimate business. You just said people buy online, not in retail settings.”

In unstable job markets like Houston, why wouldn’t this be the time to ask the question, “Should I look at something where I can take control of my life and my hours and work smarter?”

The perfect storm is here: the products work (We are the No. 1 in anti-aging and acne products) and we are a globally recognized name. The question is, “Do you believe in yourself? If you do, then I believe you might see that this is what you are looking for. Live life on your own terms.

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