How to Build a Large Team with 15 People.

Recently I hit a major milestone with my Rodan + Fields business…1000+ members on my team. To say it is super exciting and rewarding to me is an understatement. But don’t misunderstand, just because I have 1000 awesome people on my team doesn’t mean I deserve the credit. That’s the beauty of the Rodan + Fields business model. I shared this opportunity with a very few people (less than 20) but as I did something magical happened. They shared it with a few and that few shares it and so on. Now just three years later my little side gig is a thriving team has over 1000 entrepreneurs who are building their dreams of a better life. I am so thankful for each and every one who stepped outside their comfort zone and worked up enough faith to believe in themselves and do it. It is paying off in a very big way for all of us. After all, isn’t that what a team is? A collaborative effort with the sum of its parts equaling the whole? The great part is this company and its opportunity has just begun. We have so far to go. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the United States, we just launched in Canada with every country in the world to follow suit. The road ahead is extremely promising.

There are tons of benefits to Network Marketing that have driven so many of us to choose this road less traveled. When sharing these benefits, it’s important for you to understand how powerful it is to have access to these benefits and start sharing them with others that you seek to recruit into your business.

  • Being plugged into a community of like-minded individuals – by being in a network marketing company and hopefully you’re a part of a very active team of leaders, you have the opportunity to connect with that community of inspiring and motivational people who will push you to grow more as a person, and desire more out of life.
  • Having access to mentors and leaders who push you to grow – Accountability is essential for all of us to get out of our personal limitations and seek to push ourselves harder than we ever thought we could. When you have a mentor that sees your potential, you’re ability to excel will be ten times faster than if you tried to keep yourself motivated on your own. It’s just like having a coach or personal trainer who challenges you physically to reach your goals versus trying to convince yourself to work out alone. If you know someone is EXPECTING you to show up, you’re fear of disappointing them will overpower your feelings of not wanting to do something that day.
  • Personal Development Coaching – Network companies are probably one of the biggest and best industries that promote personal development. I’ve never been to a company meeting or convention where they weren’t sharing some type of book, cd or personal development training program that would help you to develop better skills and confidence in your business. It’s an ongoing effort and so enriching.
  • Recognition and Awards – Who doesn’t want to be recognized? We all want someone to acknowledge our accomplishments. The benefits of being in our company, while reaching certain milestones in your Network career is that you will get recognized by your team and company and you’ll get that much needed pat on the back that you didn’t even realize you needed!
  • Team Building & Leadership Growth – The ability to grow and lead a team can be personally rewarding. Having the opportunity to tap into the potential of others while you help bring out the best in them really does benefit you in ways that will take you to higher heights in your future. It also forces you to think like a leader, which will separate you from the mediocre population which consists of nearly 97% of people in the world today. When you become a leader, you transcend into the elite population of people who carry the titles of  Creator, Leader and Influential. People will respect you more and your posture will be poised more than ever.
  • Residual Income – hmm, funny that you may have expected money to be at the top of the list but, honestly it’s just a byproduct to all of the other powerful benefits above. Residual Income however is what we all dream of. To no longer have to exchange time for dollars but to instead be able to work hard for a few years and reap the benefits for years to come is exciting. Get over your fears and shoot for the numbers and growth so you can make the big bucks! Remember it just takes a few who knows a few!
  • Instant Income / Make Money Now – There are 2 ways to make money in Rodan + Fields, Retailing and Recruiting. When retailing products, you have the opportunity to make money right now when you sell the products. You can also increase your income pretty rapidly when you focus on sharing the unique business opportunity. Where some things may take a little longer sharing the business and growing your team, implementing some marketing to build your business can help you get that right now money. 
  • Far too many people want to focus solely on the money and overlook all the other benefits that actually give people the desire to stay in the industry. If you can change your focus and consider how powerful Network Marketing companies are and all the emotional and personal support that it can give others, then you’ll become a champ when it comes to recruiting and your online influence will be that much more powerful!!

The bottom line is Network Marketing allows you to live life to your fullest potential. Everyone has different reasons on why they begin. You may just want to make great relationships while earning a mortgage payment. Or some might want retirement income or replacement income from their current job. This is your ahhhh ha moment. There is nothing I would like more than to show you how to take 5-10 hours a week and build something extraordinary. And I can tell you this to be true, there isn’t a better company that is racing into its momentum phase to be a part of. It’s what dreams are made of. You can be a part of the team, the family. Be appreciated and experience what true freedom feels like. We can do it together.