I am not selling creams to my friends

After four years in network marketing, I have definitely seen time and again that people in our industry are not gaining customers and business partners from selling just to their friends and family. I always tell people that the “sweet spot” in this business are acquaintances. If friends or family join you in this business, you can consider it a bonus. If this has been your experience, try to circle back to those closest to you once you have found success. The closest ones to you will see that you are not asking them because you need them, but because you think they should take a serious look at it for themselves or for their family.

I find that lots of friends and family don’t always have 100 percent trust or confidence in you. When you are just getting started you share the business with them, but they see it as you are asking them to buy products or services from them so you can be successful. You have to have a mindset shift. You care about your family and friends so you share with them what you are doing first, but if they say “No” understand this reality and use it as a stake in the ground to push you forward in your business.

I heard a great example of how this even happens outside of network marketing. For example, what if you knew a girl who was crazy in high school and wasn’t reliable? Several years later you find out that she is now a pilot for a major airline. You might think, “I am never going to fly on that plane” because you knew her background decades ago. You don’t know what she may have done in the last 20-something years. She could have had the best training and made it to the top of her class in the Air Force, but you still remember her as an unreliable person.

Acquaintances are the people I personally connect with the easiest. After four years of being a network marketer, I still have acquaintances that come into my life who are interested in this business or wanting to use the products. I am not hosting parties and rubbing lotions and potions on people, especially those I am closest with; I am educating people that come across my path to a better/smarter way to actually make the money work for you instead of working for the money their entire life.

The process has all been a learning experience for me. You will find success when you believe in something so much that no matter what those close to you say, it will not derail you. Find a business you trust, a product you have faith in and use the “no’s” as the stake in the ground to move you forward.