The Wall

We’ve all heard of it, haven’t we? The Wall. It’s what marathon runners call that point during a race at which your body decides it has had enough and can’t go any further. It is convinced that it is wholly exhausted and has nothing left to give, but the runner’s mind knows that that feeling is an illusion.

Failure comes with giving into that feeling. If you stop running it’s over. The race is lost. But marathon runners will tell you that although winning is nice finishing is what’s really important.

There are probably a lot of parallels to the runner’s experience with The Wall in other aspects of life. One compared is the context of running a network marketing business. Because most network marketers – perhaps all of us small business owners – eventually face a moment, early in the life of our businesses, at which we find ourselves hitting The Wall. Our task at that point is to figure out how to deal with it.

You see, what usually happens is this. You make your decision to start your business, after doing a certain amount of research and preparation. Something you have to learn during the early days is that you cannot realistically expect everyone to understand your vision. The naysayers jump out of the wood work. The dream stealers are in full force. Or it may be you experienced great success in the beginning only to find yourself digressing a few months in. Poof, motivation seems non-existent and that in turn causes a ripple effect. One that can destroy your business if you let it. The Wall then almost becomes a crutch, an excuse, a way to not take responsibility. After all, it couldn’t be my fault! The Wall is to blame.

That’s what happened to me about 2 ½ years in to my business. You see, even though I knew that Rodan+Fields business model is a three to five year plan, there was a point at somewhere around my two-and-a-half year mark that I felt exactly like that marathon runner’s wall. Now don’t get me wrong, my business has afforded me to retire from my 9-5 job, I go on all expense paid luxury trips and I even drive a new free Lexus but I am a competitive person and constantly looking for ways to improve and move forward. Staying in the same place is not in my DNA. I am running and I don’t want to slow down.

I spent those last two and a half years building a team of savvy entrepreneurs and a strong customer base and doing quite well. I network and make contacts, just like you’re supposed to. I read everything I could get my hands on that teaches me more about being the best version of myself. I am active within my native business communities, both virtual and actual. And, of course, it seems as if I’m spending almost every waking minute of my life thinking about my business and if I am not working I am helping my team develop theirs.

I felt as if I was standing at the top of the hill, longing to roll that snowball down, knowing that it will grow and grow as it goes. But for some reason I felt as if my hands were tied behind my back. The knot is loose — that’s the good news — and I’m working frantically to get my hands free so that I can tip that snowball over the edge.

I felt so close I could taste it. It seemed as if I’d been at “almost there” land for an extended vacation with frustration eating away at me. I’ve never once doubted this business and what it offered so why was I at such a standstill?

This is where perseverance comes into play. It may sound like a cliché but it is so very true. The best part about surviving The Wall is that, like the marathon runner, once you get past that point it seems as if you could run forever. In fact, if you can just get over that hump, you’ll probably discover that you were right. In my experience I was really that close. After a few months and I was back in the race, changing skin and changing lives….helping others while building a tremendous future. Now I can look back and be proud and thankful that I didn’t quit, that I kept going.

Understand that in network marketing there are ups and downs but you control the tempo. Your mindset and actions determine your success outcome. There isn’t a “suit” in the corner office dictating your life. As network marketers we are in control. Push through, keep running and soon you are finishing the race and what do you know….at record time! I’m thankful for The Wall. It taught me valuable lessons and now 2015 is going to be an exhilarating year!

If I can help you on your marathon and how to push through The Wall contact me. After all it’s not about the destination but rather about the journey.

Financial and time freedom awaits you just over The Wall and I’ve got your rock climbing gear ready. Let’s conquer! – MG